Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Tyler Cameron

Tyler Cameron joined Noise Control Engineering in 2020 as a fulltime Engineering Technician. He graduated from Husson University in 2019 with his B.S. in Communications Technology with a focus in Audio Engineering. A lifetime musician, he developed useful technical skills with classes focusing in microphones and audio consoles during his time at Husson University. Working in areas of music and post-production, he also gained perspective on the quality of sound elements for professional environments. He then quickly adapted those skills for use in a maritime engineering environment at NCE.

Being one of two Engineering Technicians at NCE, it is Mr. Cameron's responsibility to help maintain an efficient working environment; allowing engineers to thrive in a multitude of situations and challenges. This includes calibrating and maintaining equipment, making sure engineers have the right tools for the job, and giving feedback during project planning. He can also be found assisting engineers with noise and vibration surveys at the job site.

In his spare time, Tyler enjoys writing music and going to concerts.

Phone: 978-670-5339 ext 1505