Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Noise Control Treatment Design

NCE develops optimal noise control designs based on comprehensive sound and vibration analyses, see airborne noise analysis section. Custom designs are provided for each specific ship program. Common treatments include vibration isolators, acoustical insulation, damping, floating floors, HVAC linings, enclosures and silencers. Each treatment is selected for a specific purpose - to control noise contributions from a specific source that are transmitted via a specific path, and each has its own cost benefit tradeoff. Understanding when to apply specific treatments is critical to minimizing impacts to non-acoustic factors such as weight, space, and cost.

The following is a brief description of each of the noise control treatments listed above:

Once any of the above treatments have been selected, NCE can provide material specifications, areas of coverage, installation guidelines, potential vendors and noise reduction estimates. Further, NCE will work with the ship designer to minimize the adverse impacts on cost, weight, space and operation of the vessel.

While NCE will recommend treatments by vendor and model, NCE does not sell or represent any noise control material vendors. NCE gains no financial benefit from any noise control treatment recommendations. Thus, NCE can work independently with our clients to identify the best solution from both acoustic and non-acoustic perspectives.