Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

NCE Software

NCE has developed two software programs that are used in the shipbuilding/marine industries. A brief description is given below and detailed description is given on the link below.

Designer-NOISE™: Software for shipboard noise predictions. Designer-NOISE™ provides the ability to accurately predict octave band noise throughout a vessel to assess compliance with noise specifications and to assign optimal noise control treatments. Use of Designer-NOISE™ during vessel design and construction phases can help ensure a low noise vessel with minimal crew complaints, improved crew performance, and reduced long term hearing loss. Designer-NOISE™ uses a Graphical User Interface to allow for rapid model creation and provides the user with a convenient method of managing the various pieces of information that are required for an acoustical analysis. Inputs are straight forward, and generally deal with physical properties such as plating thicknesses, locations, frame spacing, etc. Acoustical parameters are calculated 'behind-the-scenes' so the average user does not get bogged down in acoustical details, though all parameters are available for advanced users. Models can be quickly created to examine the noise that exists for a given design, and treatments can be applied and quickly analyzed to help identify optimal configurations. Use the link to see more details or contact Allan Beaudry at

Sound-Guard: This program is for monitoring underwater radiated noise (or self-noise) from a ship. It was originally designed for the University of Delaware's quiet research vessel, R/V HUGH R. SHARP which was designed to meet the ICES CRR 209 underwater noise limits. It accepts inputs from either hull mounted hydrophones or accelerometers and displays the sound levels in 1/3 octave bands on the screen. The system was designed to operate with a touch-screen and is very easy to operate. Use the link to see more details or contact NCE at