Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Product Noise Assessment/Control

Minimizing sound starts with the things around us. As such, manufacturers of products look to reduce their sound levels. The reduction of sound from a product has many additional opportunities that are not available when treating systems found on ships or factories. NCE provides consulting, testing and noise control treatment design as described below.

Services offered to product developers, manufacturers and system integrators are:

Before you decide to reduce the sound of your product, it is essential to know what the current sound levels are. NCE can conduct accurate sound level measurements at your facility or in some case ours. While we are not a test lab, NCE follows rigorous standards for sound measurement. All surveys are conducted with instruments calibrated to NIST standards within one year of any work being done. NCE will perform the sound measurements to either your company's internal standards or published Federal (ANSI, ASA) or international (ISO) standards. NCE can also help determine what standards to which your products should be tested.

Product noise reduction should only be undertaken after two pieces of information are available. The first is the level of sound from the product. The second is the required or desired level of sound. NCE can measure the first part (as described above). The second part may come from federal regulations, industry standards, client's requests, but NCE can also help to determine an appropriate level of sound from your product.

When product noise levels and the required level are know, the task of determining the need noise reduction can start. NCE will evaluate your product to determine type and paths of the controlling noise. Type of noise include: aerodynamic, mechanical, electrical noise. Paths include: airborne, structureborne or fluidborne. Both the type of noise and path will determine the appropriate treatments. NCE will acoustically dissect your product which allows recommendations of appropriate type of treatments. In addition, in some cases small changes to internal components can reduce sound without addition of actual noise control materials. NCE always looks for least expensive approaches for the best reduction in sound.

After the appropriate treatments have been determined, NCE can take product noise reduction a step further by prototyping one of the products to demonstrate actual noise reduction. This can be done in our office or your facility. NCE will provide a bill of materials, installation drawings and instructions as desired when the effort is complete.