Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Product Noise Control Project & Client List




America Science and Engineering (AS&E)

Scanning Van

Conducted noise survey of scanning van at the client facility.


Industrial Computer

Evaluated vibration failures at test lab and recommended changes to internal hard drive supports.

BAE Systems


Conducted diagnostic noise measurements of the compressor, recommended treatments and prototyped treatments for customer evaluation.


FT-IR Spectrometer

Evaluated base-plate of the device using modal analysis and finite element analysis, recommended changes to reduce resonant responses.

General Electric

Turbine Generators

Develop machinery airborne radiation model and evaluate changes to factory test site to reduce background noise levels.

GSI Lumonics

Laser System

Evaluated noise from blower used to cool laser.

Ion Track

Airport Bomb Detector

Identify source of high noise from detector and detail possible noise controls.

Lincoln Food Service Products

Industrial Oven

Conducted diagnostic noise measurements of a hot-air oven, evaluated data and recommended noise control treatments.

Millipore Corporation

Pharmaceutical Filtering System

Noise measurements to compare to industry standards.

Motive Power, LLC


Conducted 12 hour continuous field surveys of locomotive cab noise levels to compare to MBTA noise requirements.


Gas Turbine Generator

Evaluated noise from natural gas fired generator and recommend treatments to reduce noise below industry standards.


Wastewater Evaporator

Conducted noise & vibration survey, recommend noise control solutions.

Sealed Air Corporation

Bubble Wrap Inflator

Measured noise, evaluated sound transmission paths and recommended treatments to reduce noise.

Sprirol International Corp.

Vibratory Feeder

Noise measurements of the vibratory feeder at vendor facility. Compared levels to vendor data.

Varian Corporation

Vacuum Pump

Evaluated noise from pump determined causes for excessive noise and recommended treatments.