Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Offshore Noise and Vibration Control

underwater noise

Rowan Gorilla V drilling on Deep Panuke,
Canadian North Atlantic.
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Offshore structures, ranging from fixed platforms to semisubmersibles to FPSOs, can have noise and vibration problems similar to those found on vessels. Although the functions required of these structures varies significantly, the mechanisms that govern the creation, spreading, and radiation of sound and vibration are often quite similar, and are also similar to those found on vessels. NCE has applied its vast experience and knowledge of shipboard noise and vibration to various offshore structures, helping clients to reduce unwanted sound and vibration from sources ranging from power generation equipment to large compressors to HVAC sources. NCE has the experience and expertise to guide clients through potentially stringent noise regulations, and to identify proper areas of treatment and methods of sound and vibration reduction.

Additionally, underwater sound from offshore structures has become an increasingly problematic issue for owners and operators working in environmentally sensitive areas of the world. NCE again has the experience to provide solutions of varying degrees to underwater sound reduction, and has applied this knowledge on several projects. NCE has recently completed a comprehensive review of underwater sound generation and reduction from all oil and gas industry activities, and has direct experience in reducing underwater sound from various platforms.

NCE provides the same services listed on our Marine Services page to all offshore clients, including owners, operators, and builders. These services include airborne noise and vibration predictions and measurements, treatment specification, and underwater noise assessment. For more information on these services please see our marine services page.