Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Miscellaneous Services

As an acoustical engineering consulting firm, NCE assists clients in any manner required.

NCE assists clients by identifying causes and solutions for fatigue stresses and cracking through dynamic and quasi-static strain measurements. NCE has developed tools that allow our engineers to quickly assess strain and stress, diagnose vibration-related stress problems, and prevent/remedy structural fatigue and failure. By combining this capability with our extensive understanding of machinery and propeller induced vibration, NCE can predict fatigue life for critical ship structures and machinery components.

While not a certified test laboratory, NCE can conduct various sound and vibration materials tests in our office. For specialized tests, we make use of appropriate test labs. NCE consults with material vendors on performance of materials and then develops appropriate tests to perform in order to optimize the materials for acoustical characteristics.

In many cases, the only need for noise control is a good description of the requirements that should be achieved by a new facility, ship or building. Poorly worded noise control requirements may cause many problems at the end of a project. NCE can help prepare noise and vibration sections of such specifications. These are best prepared by discussion with owner/users and review of entire project. NCE can set appropriate limits and then prepare specification section which describes limits, how they are tested and/or other acoustical requirements.

Based on our own analysis, NCE has provided expert witness services in the areas of noise level measurement, assessment and control. Staff members have testified as an expert witness in the courts of Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. Staff members have also testified at local municipality board hearings (i.e. planning board, health board) throughout New England.

If you have a special noise or vibration problem not listed here that needs a solution, contact us. We can help you find a solution, either within our staff or from other technical consultants which we routinely collaborate with.