Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Shipboard Measurement & Diagnostic Surveys

marine acoustics

NCE is highly experienced in the measurement and assessment of shipboard vibration and noise. The company has conducted numerous on-site noise and vibration tests in many locations around the globe, from the USA to Europe to Asia. NCE has conducted hundreds of noise and vibration tests on-site ranging from diagnostic surveys on ships with new or long-term noise and vibration problems to sea trials of new vessels. Our extensive test experience includes measurements of airborne noise, vibration testing, underwater radiated noise and sonar self noise.

Furthermore, our expertise in shipboard noise and vibration allows us to use this data to not only assess compliance with noise and vibration criteria but to also determine why excesses may be occurring. This includes determination of controlling noise sources (gensets, propulsion engines, propeller, HVAC, or other equipment) as well as noise transmission paths. Once the source and path have been established, NCE can work to identify appropriate noise and vibration control measures that minimize impacts on non-acoustical factors.

marine acoustics

NCE's test equipment includes various two- and four-channel handheld instruments to multiple 16+ channel data acquisition systems. This equipment allows NCE to quickly perform ship-wide noise and vibration surveys, all of which can be performed under multiple operating conditions. NCE selects the appropriate microphones, accelerometers, hydrophones, and other equipment necessary for each and every survey. All of NCE's equipment is highly portable, so measurements can be performed anywhere in the world, minimizing the costs to the owner or operator.

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