Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Marine Project & Client List




Advanced Marine Enterprises/NAVSEA


Predict GT exhaust noise; predict airborne noise levels; evaluate foam acoustic characteristics; provide SNAME prediction spreadsheets for HVAC induced noise.

Boeing/The Glosten Associates

SBX Radar Platform

Provide forced Finite Element Analysis to determine response at base of sensitive radar and electronic equipment to low frequency vibration induced by gensets, large ventilation fans and thrusters onboard semi-submersible.

Bollinger Shipyards, LLC

USCG 87' CPB, USN 170' PC, & USCG Island Class 87' WPB

Evaluate noise and vibration, recommend treatments, perform 6 DOF calculations for isolation mounted equipment.

Bollinger Shipyards, LLC


Noise control program to meet noise requirements as low 45 dB(A) in quarters aboard a self-propelled liftboat; low vibration levels are specified for berths


Cable Layer

Review noise predictions and recommend fixes for AT&T for expected high noise levels at low frequency.

Chouest Offshore


Conduct diagnostic tests to determine machinery and possible bubble sweep-down impact on sonar system self-noise, provide modifications to sonar location to minimize these effects.

Deytents Shipyard


Predict and control habitability noise during rehab of NOAA vessel, conduct diagnostic tests on hydraulic system.

Elliot Bay Design Group

Quarters Barge

Predict noise on ACOE quarters barge and specify noise control treatments

Elliot Bay Design Group


Predict noise, recommend treatments, prepare noise control sections of vessel specification.

Foss Maritime


Set noise goals, perform predictions, select noise control treatment, inspect treatments installation, perform noise and vibration acceptance tests for Voith-Schneider propelled tractor tugs

General Electric

LM2500+ Gas Turbine Noise Control

Provide noise control engineering services to reduce the near-field airborne noise from the LM2500+; conduct diagnostic tests with artificial acoustic sources to identify critical sources and transmission paths.

Halter Marine Group

M/V KENNICOT, AGOR Class Research Vessels, TAGS, & ACOE Vessels

Predict noise and vibration during detail design, conduct verification testing

Isle Royale National Park


Conduct pre-conversion noise survey on ferry, develop specifications for re-powering, take final noise data


LCS, naval combatant

Predict underwater radiated noise of composite hulled SES for competitive LCS design phase; recommend optimal noise control approaches


Foreign Corvette

Predict and recommend noise control approaches to reduce radiated and self-noise of diesel-electric propelled corvette



Perform FEA of superstructure, mast, cranes; predict hull modes of vibration

LeTourneau/Hopeman Brothers

Gorilla V Offshore Platform

Predict noise in SCR Control room and provide noise control solutions, evaluate noise in accommodations to meet UK DOE noise requirements and provide trade-off noise study.

Lockheed Martin


Predict and control the habitability noise, underwater radiated noise, habitability vibration, and sonar self-noise for a SWATH R/V, NCE was part of the Integrated Product Team along with GPA and Atlantic Marine

Marinette Marine

USCG WLM & WLB Buoy Tenders

Predict and control noise and vibration on new designs WLB & WLM for the USCG, detail noise control treatments, including stanchion isolators; conduct trials; perform FEA stress analysis.

Maritrans, LLC

Various Tugboats

Perform diagnostic noise and vibration measurements, detail treatments, re-test, diagnose and cure rudder vortex shedding induced vibration; advise on machinery vibration/health monitoring system.


San Francisco Pilot-boat

Predicted noise for all compartments, recommended treatments to achieve noise requirements with major financial penalty.

McDermott Shipyard

Sulfur Carrier

Predict noise and vibration, provide noise and vibration controls, design novel stanchion isolation, tested installation, conduct trials

Minerals Management Service (MMS), U.S. Department of the Interior

Oil Rig Underwater Radiated Noise

Measure, model and develop noise control to reduce the underwater radiated noise of offshore structures

Mobil Oil

Various Vessels

Diagnostic measurements and corrections to reduce machinery induced noise and vibration.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)


Diagnose noise and vibration problems on existing SWATH research vessel, recommend additional noise control treatments.

North American Shipbuilding


Develop Noise Control Plan; predict noise, select & detail noise controls; predict sonar self-noise and select possible controls.

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC)


Predict noise in LM2500+ GT engine room and develop noise specification for machinery rooms using NCE’s proprietary software Designer-NOISE®; evaluate potential noise control approaches.

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC)

LHA(R), naval auxiliary

Predict the narrow-band and broad-band underwater radiated noise induced by the LM2500/gearbox/gensets and other major equipment using NCE®s software Designer-NOISE®; assist in the selection of optimal noise control approaches

NSWC Combat Craft


Diagnostic tests to determine best methods to reduce onboard and far-field airborne noise from fast patrol boat.




Predict the habitability noise and underwater radiated noise of a light-weight, high speed experimental craft; develop novel spray-on damping material optimized for use on high speed craft; confirm model results through verification testing.

Office of Naval Research (ONR)

EFEA Acoustic Modeling

Investigate and develop Energy Finite Element Analysis (EFEA) modeling approach that can be adapted to predict machinery and hydrodynamic excitation with respect to radiated noise

Premier Cruise lines


Diagnostic measurements and recommendations for replacement genset noise and vibration controls.

M. Rosenblatt & Sons


Review USCG noise specification for Great Lakes Icebreaker



Establish allowable ship's platform noise, including airborne, structureborne and fluidborne, for multi-beam sonars to operate effectively on new USCG icebreaker, including bubble sweep-down analysis

Teco Westinghouse

R/V GO Sars

Predict and control noise and vibration from DC motor to meet ICES underwater radiated noise goals; conduct Factory Acceptance Test and on-board testing, including over-side underwater noise survey

The Glosten Associates


FEA vibration analyses of the missile cargo hanger’ prediction of possible missile excitation due to machinery, and noise analysis for accommodations

The Glosten Associates

Alaska Regional Research Vessel

Predict the underwater radiated noise of the prototype Alaska Regional R/V with respect to ICES, develop noise control approaches and develop acoustic specification for vessel; evaluate Azipod vs. Z-drive radiated noise

The Glosten Associates

Alaska Ferry

Provide noise and vibration control sections of the ship's specification.

University of Rhode Island


Diagnose causes of high noise levels, evaluate radiated noise for multi-beam sonar system; diagnose high noise induced by hydraulic systems.

University of Delaware


Consulted with naval architect on vessel design concepts for general research vessel. Predict and design treatments to control airborne noise and radiated noise. Performed Finite Element Analysis. Prepared purchase specification sections, evaluated shipyards, conduct vessel construction inspections, performed radiated noise diagnostic testing; conduct radiated noise acceptance testing.

U.S. Navy

Noise Prediction Software (Designer-NOISE®)

Competed in Phase I of SBIR N98-092 for development of the algorithms for shipboard noise prediction. Awarded Phase II SBIR contract to develop noise prediction software with graphic user interface. NCE teamed with Proteus Engineering on the software development project which became Designer-NOISE®.

Vanguard Services

Army Corps Crane Barges

Noise and vibration prediction, control, and testing on several crane barges for the Army Corp of Engineers.

VT Halter Marine

Fisheries Research Vessels

Predict and design treatments to control airborne noise, radiated noise and sonar self-noise for fisheries research vessel; prepare noise control plan; conduct factory acceptance acoustic tests and conduct vessel acceptance acoustical tests; conduct construction (dockside) and radiated noise diagnostic testing; conduct radiated noise acceptance testing

VT Halter Marine


FEA of machinery foundations, 6 DOF calculations for isolation mounted equipment, recommend HVAC system treatments

VT Halter Marine

Construction Anchor Handling Tug

Predict habitability noise and vibration on a diesel-electric, Z-drive tug, compare noise environment to hearing conservation criterion.

VT Halter Marine

Army Logistics Support Vessels; LSV-7 & LSV-8

Predict habitability noise and vibration from machinery and HVAC sources and recommend treatments. Conduct noise and vibration measurements during vessel sea trials. Investigated solutions to high bridge wing noise.

Wartsila Diesel

Power Barge

Predict and control both shore-side and crew habitability noise from 40 mW diesel generator power barge.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Perform post-overhaul diagnostic tests, recommend machinery and HVAC fixes, specify HVAC treatments, conduct underway and dockside trial, including noise, vibration and underwater radiated noise, recommend fix for mast vibration.