Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Lou Pettit

Mr. Pettit joined NCE in 2006, and serves as program manager and technical lead performing noise analyses and control design development to ensure compliance with radiated noise and habitability noise performance specifications. Mr. Pettit has conducted noise predictions for several ships and offshore platforms. He has developed detailed noise control designs including compound and single stage mounting systems for propulsion and auxiliary machinery, and high sound transmission loss constructions, acoustics barriers, enclosures, floating room systems, and HVAC system treatments for ship designs including: LPD-17 Class, USN TAKE, USCG GLIB, BP Alaskan Class Tankers, R/V TAGOS 23, TOTEM RO/RO, Sealift Conversion (T-ARK 295, 297, 299), AOE-6/10 Class, R/V�s T-AGS 60 through 65, R/V T-AGS 45, R/V Abel-J, and NOAA FSV-6. Mr. Pettit has performed ship inspections of acoustic constructions, and compartment noise and vibration measurements during Builder�s Trials for several of these ships.

Mr. Pettit�s previous work experience includes Sr. Engineer at BBN Technologies (Cambridge MA), Naval Underwater Systems Center (Newport, RI), and General Dynamics Electric Boat Division (Groton, CT).

He has a M.S. in Ocean Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. He is a member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineers and ASME.

Specialty: Noise Analyses and Control Design; Inspection of Acoustic Constructions

Phone: 978-670-5339 ext 508