Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Industrial/Environmental Project & Client List




99 Restaurant

Nightclub Noise Evaluation

Measured high "cocktail" noise levels at bar and in dining room, reduce transmission from external sources.

Alexandria Real Estate

Community Noise Control

Conducted acoustical evaluation of new building in Watertown, MA by taking background noise measurements, predicting noise levels from new equipment and presenting to Town Planning Board.

Amherst, MA Public Schools

Classroom Acoustic Evaluation

Conducted acoustical evaluation of open-plan classrooms at the Wildwood Elementary School. Recommended approaches to minimize sound impacts in the rooms.


Factory Noise Control

Diagnose on-site noise due to air compressor, design barrier/partial enclosure to reduce on-site noise.

Analog Devices

Community Noise Control

Evaluated noise from Nitrogen Plant recommended solutions in way of barrier.


R&D Facility Design

Conducted full noise and vibration design study and surveys for new corporate R&D facility in Woburn, Massachusetts.


Community Noise Control

Develop methods to reduce HVAC and trucking induced noise from shopping mall to residential area, design local barriers and masking system.

Bank of Bermuda

HVAC Noise Control

Reviewed design for new roof top mounted HVAC systems, recommended vibration isolators.

Barnstable County Courthouse

Community Noise Control

Conducted numerous noise surveys of buildings HVAC chiller and compared with Massachusetts DEP limits. Recommended noise controls, assisted with treatment integration and performed follow-up noise surveys.

BHC Company (Bridgeport water utility)

Community Noise Control

Evaluation of new water pumping stations in two different community locations. Measured background noise a local sites, predicted levels from the pumping stations, recommended noise control treatments and presented results at community meetings.

Bristol Myers Squibb

Factory Noise Control

Diagnose and recommend noise controls for three mechanical rooms in order to reduce sound to the mechanical rooms themselves and adjacent offices.

Cashins Associates

Deer Island Construction Noise

Measure pile driving noise and suggest at property line noise abatement. Develop noise control programs for Deer Island projects.

Cashins Associates

CA/T (Big Dig) Construction Noise

Design and implement a noise monitoring plan and noise control plan for Contract C19B8.

Castle Creek Entertainment

Go-Cart Facility Environmental Impact Study

Predict noise impact on neighborhood due to operation of a go-cart facility.

Co-Energy America

Classroom Noise Control

Noise treatments for gasoline fired generator at Cleveland School in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Dole & Bailey

Community Noise Control

Evaluated causes of high truck noise, recommend solutions to mitigate noise to the neighborhood.

Drywall LLC

Wall STC Field Measurement

Measure in-situ transmission loss of hotel walls.

Empire Linen

OSHA Noise Survey

Measure noise from dryers for compliance with OSHA standards; recommend fixes to reduce fan noise at operator position.

Eugene Sullivan Consulting Engineers

Community Noise Control

Background noise survey for new industrial site in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Evergreen Solar

Background Noise Survey

Developed MA-DEP compliant test plan to measure sound from Emergency Diesel Generator.

Extrusion Technology

Factory Noise Control

Conducted complete plant noise survey, evaluation and recommended treatments to reduce factory floor noise levels. Assisted client in treatment selection, inspection and final check-out of treatments.

Fresh City Restaurants

Room Acoustics

Evaluated high reverberation in restaurant and recommend treatments to reduce echo.

Fuel Cell Energy

Community Noise Control

Determine test facility noise sources that contribute to community noise and provide noise abatement recommendations for outdoor fuel cell test facility.


Factory Noise Control

Surveyed factory floor and recommended treatments to reduce noise levels.

Gas Light Restaurant

Nightclub Noise Evaluation

Prediction community noise due to band playing at nightclub in order to obtain permit for operation.

GE Aircraft Engines

Factory Noise Control

Diagnose and recommend treatments to reduce noise from five larger hydraulic broachers in order to reduce factory floor noise levels.

Goodman Associates

Office Noise Evaluation

Determine acoustic environment of open plan office, including reverberation time & articulation index; determine approaches to improve office acoustic characteristics.

Harwich Community Center

Community Noise Control

Conducted field survey for purpose of determining need and design of noise barrier to reduce noise from HVAC equipment.

Hypnion, LLC

Laboratory Noise Control

Conducted numerous evaluations for new site of noise-critical laboratory in and around airport and major highway intersection.

Intellisense Corporation

Background Noise Survey

Conducted background noise survey at site of new facility in North Andover, Massachusetts.

JOAN Fabrics

Factory Noise Control

Diagnose and recommend noise controls for knitting machines, blowers, hydraulic and other factory machinery.


Community Noise Control

Diagnose and recommend treatments to reduce noise at Ashland plant from large fans and cooling towers. Selected treatments and worked with client to get treatments installed.

L. Knife & Son

Community Noise Control

Conducted field survey and predictions of noise from expanded facility with new bottle crushing operation. Recommended noise control treatments. Testified at local planning board in Massachusetts District Court on behalf of the client.

Lee Speedway

Community Noise Control

Evaluated noise from race track to assist in permit for expanded operation. Recommend noise barriers.


Facility Evaluation

Performed a qualitative acoustic evaluation of a two-story pier facility for Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) with primary focus being sound from a large crane. Recommend treatments to minimize noise for the office directly below the crane tracks.

Lucent Technologies, Inc

Laboratory Noise Control

Diagnose and recommend noise controls for test lab which included thermal chambers and heat tents.

Marchionda & Associates

Traffic Noise Evaluation

Conduct noise survey and evaluate possible impact of Mass Pike traffic noise on Hopkinton Meadow, new residential development planned near turnpike.

Mills Pride, LLC

Community Noise Control

Determine facility noise sources that contribute to community noise and provide noise abatement recommendations for Wood Chipping System.

Mt Hermon School (Macmillan Associates)

Room Acoustics

Performed RT-60 evaluation of acoustics in famed dining room during re-construction of the building. Recommended treatments to reduce reverberation.

Old Sturbridge Village

Room Acoustics

Evaluation reverberation (RT-60) in main function room, recommend treatments to reduce echo.

Pfizer, LLC

Factory Noise Control

Diagnose and recommend noise controls for factory facility with large compressors and adjacent office space.

Phillips Medical

HVAC Noise Control

Consultation on how to reduce loud sound in conference room from fan coil units.

Raytheon LLC

Factory Noise Control

Diagnostic test to determine source and transmission path for noise induced by environmental test chamber; provide treatment recommendations.

Raytheon LLC

Laboratory Noise Control

Determine methods to reduce exposure of test stand operators to noise induced during shaker vibration testing of missile components.

Rehoboth Beach, City of (Delaware)

Noise Ordinance Review

Review existing noise ordinance and examine police reports of recent violations. Provide recommendations for changes to noise ordinances to minimize police action.

Rexam Graphics

Community Noise Control

Determine potential plant sources that contribute to community noise and provide noise abatement recommendations.

Roger Williams University

Classroom Acoustic Evaluations

Conducted evaluations of numerous educational facilities including gymnasium, conference rooms, student senate chamber, laboratories and lecture halls. Recommended noise control treatments in all cases.


Room Acoustics

Performed the noise study in a room with two UPS units. The acoustical goal was to mitigate noise of these units in the adjacent cubicles without interfering to UPS operation.

Severance Trucking

Community Noise Control

Conducted noise surveys to show compliance to Massachusetts DEP noise requirements. Presented results at town board meetings.

Stone Building Corp. METLIFE Building

Community Noise Control

Evaluation transformer induced noise on reception area and sound studio. Recommend noise control treatments to reduce tonal annoyance.

Stone Technology

Community Noise Control

Perform an acoustic assessment of a new facility in Woburn, Massachusetts. The evaluation consisted, a background sound survey, sound measurements at the existing facility and an assessment of the new facility.

Stoneridge Development

Room Acoustics

Perform a sound Transmission Loss (TL) measurement between two of the Condominium units in Westford, Massachusetts. Compare and report STC to requirements for local building code.

Studio South Architects

NAVFAC Fire Station Design

Performed noise predictions to evaluate impact from military aircraft on new Fire Station located within the Naval Air Station facility. Recommended wall designs to minimize interior sound levels.

The Richmond Group

Laboratory Facility Noise Control

Assist in the design of a low noise and vibration R&D facilities throughout the greater-Boston area. Technical issues included noise from lab hoods, noise in clean rooms, vibration sensitive lab equipment, seismic vibration, noise from emergency generators and insulation of mechanical rooms.


HVAC Noise Control

Determine source level of external HVAC units and noise at site boundary, develop and specify noise barrier.

U.S. Army

HVAC Noise Control

Diagnose and recommend noise controls at Ft. Monmouth, NJ of large Chiller Units which was impacting adjacent office space.


HVAC Noise Control

Measure HVAC and cooling fan noise, suggest noise control approaches for new offices to be located in room. Investigate noise from laboratory exhaust hoods and provide solution.


Factory Noise Control

Determine broadband and tonal contribution from a new fume eliminator in accordance with Massachusetts DEP standards.


Community Noise Control

Performed background noise surveys at local switching buildings in Boston suburbs.


Community Noise Control

Determine noise source and path to reduce neighborhood annoyance from grinder blowers, perform diagnostic test; recommend passive silencer that significantly reduced on-site noise.


Factory Noise Control

Provide services for numerous factory floor noise issues as follows. Quiet pneumatic noise on lift for RF shielded room, reduce transmission from external sources. Determine noise control measures required to control noise induced by quench process at industrial plant. Evaluated noise control efforts for mechanical and pneumatic presses.

YMCA of Greater Boston

Room Acoustics

Evaluated high reverberation in pool area of new YMCA in Reading, Massachusetts, recommended treatments, prepared specification for vendor quoting, assisted in bidding process.


Community Noise Control

Performed an acoustic assessment of a new standby Diesel Generator at facility in Westborough Massachusetts, involving background sound monitoring at the site, computation of the expected neighborhood sound levels and completion of the evaluation/forms from the MA-DEP.