Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Allan Beaudry

Mr. Beaudry joined Noise Control Engineering in mid 2010 soon after earning a B.S.E. in Acoustical Engineering and Music from the University of Hartford. Beginning in 2006, Mr. Beaudry was employed as the University's acoustics lab technician and held responsibilities ranging from laboratory research and testing to equipment maintenance and training. In this position, he assisted with the majority of the program's senior noise control projects and gained experience performing a large number of standard field and laboratory acoustic tests. In addition, an investigation into the damping effects of an experimental curing method for acoustic guitar bodies involving a strong emphasis on modal analysis extended his testing experience further into the field of vibration.

Mr. Beaudry has been a member of the Acoustical Society of America since September of 2006.

Phone: 978-670-5339 ext 510