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ABS Environmental Testing Specialist

abs specialist

NCE holds an external specialist certification in "Ambient Environmental Testing" from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). We are the only company in North America and only one of four companies in the world to acquire such a certification. The certification includes measurements of noise, vibration, lighting, temperature and relative humidity.

In order to receive the certification, NCE was required to develop detailed procedures for testing the parameters listed above, along with a quality assurance plan and instrument calibration procedures. NCE has always laboratory calibrated its field instrumentation on an annual basis. However, a more rigorous methodology and process had to be put in place for ABS. The "Ambient Environmental Testing" certification allows NCE to conduct testing to ABS standards as follows:

abs specialist

If you are building a ship or offshore platform to one of the above ABS standards, seeking the HAB, HAB+, COMF, or COMF+ notations an ABS External Specialist must conduct the final survey to demonstrate compliance. Again, NCE is certified to perform such surveys.

ABS External Specialist Certificate

For more information on the ABS standards and External Specialist program go to ABS website:

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